We recreate plant processes in microorganisms to produce natural ingredients through fermentation.

Manus Bio

Disruptor Beam turns the world’s greatest entertainment brands into hugely successful games loved by highly connected customers.

Disruptor Beam

Lionano has created a revolutionary patent-pending nano-engineered material for lithium ion batteries.


Enhancing vision using virtual reality.


Our revolutionary brain-computer interface allows people to control software and devices using only their brain activity.


Powerful, all-in-one "e-source" and site operation software built specifically for clinical research sites.

Clinical Research IO

At Smartvid.io we’re united by a common goal—building a photo and video management platform that leverages machine learning to solve industrial-grade problems.


VIA helps energy companies across the globe realize the value of their data through AI and blockchain.


CleanFiber is on a mission to deliver the purest, cleanest, and best-performing cellulose insulation.


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NXTVentures angel funded SmartVid.io
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NXTVentures angel funded SpoilerAlert
NXTVentures angel funded Pika Energy
NXTVentures angel funded ClinicalResearch.io
NXTVentures funded Cimcon Lighting Inc.
NXTVentures angel funded Rosieapp.com